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Samantha Ferrand

Samantha Ferrand is a Peruvian-American filmmaker, novelist, and literary influencer dedicated to crafting narratives that empower female voices.

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Samantha Ferrand

Samantha obtained her MFA in Directing from Chapman University, where she created her graduate thesis film, LA CASITA DE LA MARIPOSA, a magical realism exploration of her mother's experience of immigrating to America, leaving an abusive home, and settling into a new life for her daughter. The film won several awards in Directing, Cinematography, Production Design, and Performance and played in festivals worldwide, including the Vienna International Film Festival and Hollywood IWAA International Film Festival.


Samantha has created a name for herself in the world of literature via her TikTok alter ego LiteraryLibra and has had the pleasure of sitting on panels for Barnes & Nobles, interviewing esteemed New York Times best-selling authors such as Holly Black & VE Schwab, and is now working alongside TASCHEN promoting their stunning art books to the world at large.


Her debut novel, Seven Little Kisses, follows the story of a young girl discovering her sense of self through love, friendship, and heartbreak.

The book comes out later in 2024.

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